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Communication Officer - رام الله والبيرة

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اعلان رقم 15/2023
آخر موعد لتقديم الطلبات : 30-03-2023

تعلن وزارة التنمية الاجتماعية وبالتنسيق مع ديوان الموظفين العام عن حاجتها لشغل وظيفة (Communication Officer ) للعمل في وزارة التنمية الاجتماعية على بند عقد مشروع ممول من البنك الدولي، وذلك حسب المؤهلات والشروط التالية

Request for Expressions of Interest

Individual Consultants

Social Protection Enhancement Project (P160674)

Reference No.: GZ-MOSD-337665-CS-INDV

The Palestinian Liberation Organization has received a grant from the International Development Association (IDA) of an amount of 15.0 million USD for the benefit of the Palestinian Authority to finance the Social Protection Enhancement Project (the Project). The development objective of the Social Protection Enhancement Project for West Bank and Gaza (WB and G) is to establish a single targeting and referral system to provide cash benefits and services to poor and vulnerable households. The project comprises of four components. The first component, cash transfer program (CTP) support will finance cash transfers for about 5,000 households in the WB and G, representing 4 percent of the total of the CTP. The second component, social registry (SR) will provide technical and financial support to: (i) develop, feed, and update the SR inclusion and information system (architecture, software, hardware, operations manuals (OMs), and household registration, among others); (ii) establish a legal framework for it as functional entry point for social programs; and (iii) assure the transition of beneficiaries of CTP and other programs into the SR. The third component, case management system (CMS) will finance the development and implementation in selected areas of CMS. The fourth component, project management and monitoring will ensure that the Ministry of Social Development (MoSD) team is operational, and the project is implemented in accordance with the grant agreement and the project OM.

MoSD is the implementing agency for this Project. A Project Management Unit (PMU) was established within MoSD and composed of consultants/staff in various fields, to manage the overall implementation and coordination of the Project. MOSD intends to apply part of the proceeds of this grant to payments under the contracts for the recruitment of a qualified Project Communication Officer.

The Consultant will be housed within MOSD in Ramallah. The duration of each assignment is one year on a full-time basis extendable to the full length of the project.

An individual consultant shall be selected in accordance with the World Bank’s procedures as specified in the World Bank’s Procurement Regulations for borrowers under Investment Project Financing dated July 1, 2016 (“Procurement Regulations”)

Essential Required Qualifications, Skills, knowledge and Competencies:

  1. At least a bachelor degree in the field of Public Relations, Journalism, communications or any related field.
  2. A minimum of 3 years of professional experience in the field of communications, public relations or journalism. Applicant shall provide documentation for the minimum required years of experience.
  3. Capability and experience in drafting communications strategies.
  4. Capability and experience in developing mass media messages in various formats (press releases, websites, success stories, blog entries, tweets, etc.) targeting a variety of audiences.
  5. Thinks creative and have excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  6. Ability in innovation and working effectively under pressure.
  7. Familiarity with dealing with public campaigns.
  8. Excellent written, oral and communication skills.
  9. Knowledge of Microsoft Office Software.
  10. Familiar with website design and social media platforms is preferred.
  11. Ability to foster teamwork and enhance performance and to coordinate with relevant stakeholders.
  12. Proficiency in Arabic and English (oral and written).

Completed applications should be electronically submitted through the portal of General Personnel Council ( according to the application mechanism on the portal or through the use of the mobile application "my job" with the following documents:

Copy of the scientific qualifications
Copy of identification "identity or passport"
Copy of birth certificate
Copy of relevant expertise
Copy of relevant training courses
Personal Photograph.
Applications will be received as of monday

20/03/2023  until Thursday 30/03/2023

PS: we will accept only the CVs of qualified candidates.

 Dr. Ahmad Majdalani                                        

Minister of Social Development  


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