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AknanTech for Integrated Technical Solutions

AknanTech for Integrated Technical Solutions

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AknanTech for Integrated Technical Solutions
حي الصبرة/ شارع الثلاثيني- مقابل مسجد السلام
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AknanTech for Integrated Technical Solutions
“AKNAN Tech” is a private Palestinian company, located in Gaza city. “AKNAN Tech” includes a team of professional consultant and engineers who provide distinguished integrated technical solutions to solve problems of the society on the local, national, and regional levels through: applied research, capacity building & training, consultations, technology transfer and localization, and the spread of knowledge through the use of internal self-power and available resources and capabilities
Mohammed Abu Haiba – CEO

Aknan Tech has the potential, power, and will to provide distinguished technical services through the implementation of a multi-disciplinary approach that combines a mix of: experts and engineers with different skills and scientific talent, who are working within a team. The ability to meet the needs of our customers entirely relies on the quality of the individuals performing the work, combined with a well-organized action plan.
Our action plans are continuously evolving as we find more effective ways to provide our services.

Goals and Objectives
Provide sufficient & efficient scientific and technical base that will contribute to national capacity development, through the implementation of applied research to ensure the provision of a noble life of the Palestinian community
Encourage the private sector to adopt applied research and its results, and develop the use of modern technologies in the industrial, agricultural and service areas.
Providing advice to public sector agencies and private sector entities.
Improve the technical standard practices in industrial enterprises by integrating and linking industrial enterprises researchers and research institutions.
Help small industries and workshops to enhance the process of “Product Development” according to international standards
Develop strategic relationships, and exchange of technology with potential local and international partners.

Areas of work
Standardization, TQM
Product design and development
CAD/CAM, CNC, and PLC systems
Control of machines and mechatronics
Design of Pipe networks and pumping stations
Project management and Technical & economic feasibility studies
Agriculture: plant production, animal production, nutrition and feed
Information and Communication Technology: Software, Electronic Devices
Energy and Environment: Convention energy, alternative & Renewable energy
The technology of building materials and construction: Recycling building materials, and the development of alternative methods of construction
Materials science technology and manufacturing: metals, plastics, paper, recycling and re-use of materials, heat & surface treatments
Die and mold design for metal forming, plastic Injection, and blow molding
Facility planning and layout, Design and build of production lines
Training and Capacity Building: Training needs assessment, Curriculum development and design of training programs.
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