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Fundraising Officer - رام الله والبيرة

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Nisaa Broadcasting Radio Company ( Nisaa FM) announces the following position:

Job Description: Fundraising Officer

The role will include the following core responsibilities: 


  1. Develop and deliver a comprehensive and coherent fundraising strategy for the Radio Nisaa 
  2. Set and achieve realistic time-limited fundraising targets, agreed in consultation with Radio Nisaa General Manager
  3. Create a sustainable and diverse fundraising portfolio, with funding streams including individuals, major gifts, corporates, community, events, trusts/foundations and other grant-makers, with appropriate priorities 
  4. Develop proposals aligned with Radio Nisaa fundraising strategy and targets, and that aligns to fundraisers’ focus and interest
  5. Carry out prospect research and develop a comprehensive fundraising database that captures all relevant information, as well as handling all administrative aspects of fundraising


  1. Develop standardized fundraising and publicity materials for awareness- and fund- raising
  2. Create a regular quarterly newsletter to share with supporters, partners and funders
  3. Continually seek new and appropriate contacts and partnerships with relevant individuals or organizations
  4. Support advocacy work with key in-country partners, government ministries, funders and international agencies
  5. Develop media contacts and publicize the work of Radio Nisaa at the national and international level
  6. Uphold and promote the ethos and philosophy of Radio Nisaa 


  1. Play a crucial role in shaping the future direction and growth of Radio Nisaa, through input into the organizational strategic plan .
  2. Take ownership of organizational growth and funding, reporting to the General Manager of Radio Nisaa –- on progress against fundraising targets at quarterly meetings


  1. Lead communication with key donors and funders with the aim of cultivating, growing and sustaining long-term funding and collaboration
  2. Ensure reporting to funders is accurate, transparent and timely
  3. Liaise with the Financial Officer to ensure the organization’s cashflow and financial sustainability through careful budgeting, realistic fundraising targets and coordinating timely access to funds from supporters

Experience and Qualifications 

Candidates for this role would be expected to possess the following experience and qualifications: 

  • A strong track record of securing funding for Non profit activities from a variety of funding streams, preferably in the media field and / or gender related field (essential). 
  • A strong portfolio of communication and awareness-raising materials (essential). 
  • Excellent personal contacts and connections with potential major donors and 

supporters (essential). 

  • A relevant qualification in fundraising (desirable). 
  • An understanding of the international donor community within the media / gender field (desirable). 

Personal Qualities 

In all aspects of this role the following personal qualities are essential: 

  • Excellent planning, time management and organizational abilities 
  • Highly motivated and able to work independently to agreed goals and targets and take ownership of the overall fundraising programmed of the organization
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to work effectively as part of a small close-knit team
  • Adaptable and flexible to changing circumstances and needs of the role
  • Able to work under pressure, meeting key project and reporting deadlines
  • Willingness to travel when necessary for role 

To Apply:

CV’s should be sent to :

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